Tracy Municipal Airport

County Road 11
Tracy, MN  56175
The Tracy Municipal Airport (TKC) is used for leisure, commerce, and agricultural flights. The airport has three runways which makes it a unique airport in the area. The airport terminal is equipped with a weather data station, a place to rest, and restrooms. A courtesy vehicle is available 24 hours a day for use in the immediate area. 
                                  • The Primary Runway (11/29) is 3100 x 75 ft. The concrete runway is in excellent condition.
                                  • There is a grass runway (6/24) at 2590 x 200 ft.
                                  • There is a grass runway (17/35) at 1825 x 200 ft.
                                  • During winter months the 11/29 runway is the only runway available.
                                  • 24 hour fueling station with Credit Card available. (110LL)
During our Box Car Days celebration on Labor Day Weekend, the City holds a Fly-In pancake breakfast at the airport. Aircraft and other forms of transportation are welcomed. There is plenty of parking and plenty of pancakes.
The airport has eight T-shaped hangers for rent and one maintenance hangar for rent. These hangars can be rented by contacting City Hall at (507) 629-5528.
For additional specification about TKC visit:
We hope to see you at our airport!
Hanger Rent - Large Hanger:  $72.50 per month
Hanger Rent - Small Hanger:  $60.00 per month
Airport Zoning Fine:  up to $300 per occurrence
Airport Zoning Fine - Subsequent Fine:  up to $300 per day