Tracy Aquatic Center Registration/Payments

Welcome to our online registration for Swimming Lessons, Water Aerobics, and Season Passes. Our Registration Deadline is May 30, 2024. If registering after May 30th, please go to pool for registration. For any questions, please contact Tracy Aquatics Center at the following email Please allow up to two business day for a reply. We are looking forward to a great Summer!


  • All Swim Lesson Levels $55.00
  • Water Aerobics $75.00



  • Family Defined-Family is defined as all persons who are immediately related by blood or legal marriage who permanently reside at the address set forth in the membership application and are claimed as dependents on your taxes. “Extended” family members will not be honored with a family pass. The City of Tracy reserves the right to reject any or all season pass applications. Contact the Aquatic Center Manager at (507) 629-5537 or


NEED HELP WITH TRANSPORTATION? Contact Community Transit for an alternative ride! Monthly ride passes are available for children ages 3-18. For more information call (507)-537-7628.


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In consideration of Tracy Aquatic Center and City of Tracy providing sponsorship and/or providing facilities for this program, I hereby release and hold harmless and agree to indemnify Tracy Aquatic Center and City of Tracy, their employees, agents, and representatives from any and all claims, costs, damages, and liabilities for injuries or property damage sustained or caused by me or my ward while participating in any program offered by Tracy Aquatic Center and City of Tracy. I understand that fees do not include accident or personal property insurance. I further represent that I am, or my child or ward is, physically capable of participating in the program based upon consultation with my, or my child’s/ ward’s, personal physician. Further, In the event of any injury, I hereby give my permission and consent and authorize emergency first aid and/or medical and/or hospital care or treatment for my child/ward if deemed necessary by qualified medical or emergency personnel or by said employees, agents, or representatives of Tracy Aquatic Center and City of Tracy, and further agree to assume all expenses for said treatment.

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Before submitting this form, please review your selections and make note of your total. After submitting, there will be a link for you click to make your payment. Thank you for choosing Tracy Aquatics Center for your summer fun!- City of Tracy

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