About Us

Mission Statement
The Tracy Area Chamber is a business organization made up of volunteers who have joined together to work for a positive environment, and to develop the economic, civic, agribusiness and educational needs of the greater Tracy area.
Each year the programs and events through the Tracy Area Chamber are created from ideas from Chamber Members.  The Chamber Board of Directors and various committees plan promotional activities to benefit the Tracy Area.
The Chamber is you: Tracy Area Businesses, organizations, individuals, a Board of Directors and a Chamber Director.  The Board of Directors is elected from the membership and provides direction and policy making.  The Chamber has a paid director who performs the day-to-day operations.  The Director provides coordination and guides the many volunteers of the community towards a successful achievement of the chamber programs.
The Chamber is funded by community events and dues paid from its members.  Any individual or business wishing to play a role in the Tracy Area's growth is eligible for membership.  Dues are determined by the Board of Directors.  The dues structure is geared to provide the organization with the necessary funds to carry out its goals. 
Do you have an interest in being a part of these great goals and visions?  Do you have goals and visions you would like to be a part of? Become a Tracy Area Chamber member today!
A Chamber membership is an investment in the present and future of the Tracy Area.
"Come Along for the Ride"
Tracy Area Chamber of Commerce
372 Morgan Street
Tracy, MN 56175
(507) 629-4021